percussions and battles surrounding the self-proclaimed Caliphate of the Islamic State.

In June 2014 the jihadist movement captured the Iraqi city of Mosul. Having taken advantage of the chaos reigning in Syria to seize control of the land, resources and population of the eastern part of the country, it continued to extend its zone of influence southwards, until in May of this year it entered the city of Ramadi, about 100km from Baghdad.

As a result of their savage repression of a Sunni opposition which they had already succeeded in radicalising, and in the absence of any attempt to stop them on the part of the international community, the Syrian and Iraqi governments managed to create ideal conditions for the expansion of Islamic State.

The photographs exhibited here show the victims, the displaced, and the settings for the horrific repression carried out by Islamic State jihadists, as well as the various groups fighting against them – Kurdish fighters from Iraq and Turkey, Shiite militiamen and soldiers of the Iraqi Army.

Copyright: Ayman Oghanna

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