Conceived and supervised by Katia Jarjoura

In a period when Iraq is waging a deadly war against Islamic State and is once again in danger of descending into sectarian conflict, a new generation of film directors is starting to emerge.
After bearing the brunt of the American invasion and its disastrous aftermath – violence between religious groups, car bombs, kidnappings and the emergence of fanaticism – these young film-makers use the camera to communicate the volatile nature of everyday life in Iraq.

Katia Jarjoura, a Lebanese-Canadian film director who knows Iraq well, has set up an intensive short films workshop for young Iraqi film-makers in order to encourage and support the re-appearance of film-making in this region torn apart by conflict.

Copyright : Katia Jarjoura

Seconde Vague Production – Arte
With support from the Baghdad International Film Festival (BIFF) and Iraq Association for Cinema and Cultural Development (IACCD)

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