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«Can the jihadist Daesh organisation become a true state?»

In 2015 not a week has gone by without the words “Daesh”, “Jihad”, “Islamic State” or “Terrorism” dominating the headlines. These words, which in themselves represent the world of a single network, are now applied well beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq.
Today we are confronting attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, Egyptian Sinai; splinter groups in Afghanistan and Libya; logistics bases in tourist idylls such as the Maldives; and fighters joining from around the world, including the West. A war of religion and territory? The establishment of terror? A war of communication? Control of energy resources? A geopolitical show of strength? This evening goes beyond the propaganda and the ready-made myths reflected by the media to try to gain a better grasp of Daesh, its origins and its development.

Does the organisation have the means necessary to achieve its ambitions, and could it really become an Islamic State? What would be the effects on the local populations?

What local branches and offshoots does Daesh have around the world?

Barack Obama has declared a war aiming to destroy the jihadist organisation, but does the international community have the means to destroy Daesh without sparking off other terrorist groups?

Prepared and presented by Eric Valmir (France Inter). Participants will include Patrick Cockburn, Pierre-Jean Luizard, Jean-Pierre Perrin (Libération) and Héléne Sallon (Le Monde).