Gilles Caron

The Gill Caron foundation presents a selection of war photographs taken by war correspondent Gilles Caron. This event is realized parallel to the inauguration of the brand new stele dedicated to reporters whose bodies have yet to be found, and Gilles Caron in particular.

30 year old journalist who went missing in Cambodia on April 5, 1970, Gilles Caron had a growing career and left behind a collection of 700 reports. Thanks to his first war report entitled “Six Jours”, his agency GAMMA, ranked in the top media agency in the world for the year 1967. In 1970, he became a prisoner in Chad; he followed the May 1968 events in France and worked all over the world following the conflicts in Prague, Biafra, Cambodia and Vietnam. 50 years later, his work has the exact same intensity. Gifted with elegance, he knew how to shape symbolic and powerful images and became a significant actor of photography.

Recruited in Algeria during his military service, Gilles Caron is soon disgusted by the atrocities of the war. After careful consideration – as revealed by his personal letters – he takes the decision to desert the army. Since then, his gaze is entirely focused of the people: population or military personnel in their daily life. Without excess or tricks, the major events he works on illustrate a large range of conflicts in the twentieth century: civil wars, blitz, hunger…. Despite the risks he faced, he testified of the violence in the world.

Musée Mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie
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Crédit : ©Gilles Caron