The 2018 visual is a photo from the 2017 winning report. This photograph taken by Ali Arkady from VII agency, was part of his report shot in Iraq between November and December 2016.

Caption: A woman spoke with the ERD intelligence officer from fear, the day before her house was bombed by Iraqi air strikes and her house was completely burned and ISIS kidnapped her is brother. In Qabr al-Abd village, Hammam al-Alil, Mosul on 11/7/2016.

Ali Arkady
Ali Arkardy is a photographer and photojournalist from Khanaqin, Iraq, located in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq near the Iranian border. A graduate of the Fine Arts Institution in Khanaqin, Ali has been working as a photographer since 2006 and currently is focusing on photo stories about Iraqis injured and disabled during war. He is mentored by VII photographer Ed Kashi.

© Prix Bayeux-Calvados photo 2017 – Ali Arkady / VII