The first two nights of the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award for war correspondents will take place in the Méliès with two cinema screenings. Guillaume de Fontenay, director of the film Sympathie pour le diable, Nina Meurisse, lead actress of the film Camille, Michaël Zumstein, photojournalist who participated in its realization and the mother of Camille Lepage have just confirmed their arrival in Bayeux.

Monday 7th October – 8.30 pm – Premiere of the movie Sympathie pour le diable

Inspired by real events, based on the account “Sympathy for the Devil” by Paul Marchand. Hiding his extreme sensitivity behind an armour of
sarcasm, vulnerable despite his bravado and strong despite his flaws, Paul Marchand established his reputation during the siege of Sarajevo in 1992-1993. An inveterate risk-taker, provocative and meticulous in recounting the horrors around him, he famously wrote messages to snipers on his car: “Don’t Waste your Bullet I’m Immortal” and “Morituri te Salutant”. But this is the story of his gradual revolt against the fate of ordinary people caught in a vice under a rain of shells, the apathy of the international community and the uncaring attitude of some of his colleagues for whom the war was just a “good subject” to be reporting on. This film is an immersion into what the profession of war correspondent is really like, marked by violence, atrocities and injustice.

The screening will be followed by an exchange with Guillaume de Fontenay, director.

Tuesday 8th October – 8.0 pm – Premiere of the movie Camille

Camille Lepage, a young photojournalist full of ideals, leaves for Central Africa to cover the impending civil war . What she sees there will change her destiny.

The screening will be followed by an exchange with Boris Lojkine, director, Nina Meurisse, lead actress, Michaël Zumstein, photojournalist and the mother of Camille Lepage.

Practical informations
Cinema Le Méliès
Admission (for each): 6,50 €