The 2020 visual is a photo from the 2019 winning report. This photograph taken by Patrick Chauvel for Paris Match, was part of his report shot in Baghuz, Syria in March 2019.

Caption: A little girl amid Jihadists’ wives assembled in the desert by the Kurds.

Patrick Chauvel

For over fifty years, Patrick Chauvel has photographed most of the conflicts around the world. He is one of the last of a generation of reporters who lived the Six Day War, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ireland, Iran, Lebanon, Panama, Afghanistan, Israel, Chechnya, Syria… His images have made the front page of the most prestigious media in the world. Author of numerous documentaries, he also wrote a book on the life of war reporter, success of bookstores: Rapporteur de guerre.

© Bayeux Award photo 2019 – Patrick Chauvel