6th edition

15 october 1999 — 16 october 1999


First Correspondents eveningScreening of the movie "Rapporteurs de guerre" in the presence of Patrick Chauvel, followed by a debate on war photographers.

1999 Jury Chair

Gerd Ruge (born August 9, 1928) is a German journalist, author and filmmaker.

Screening: Rapporteurs de guerre

After 30 years of war reporting, Patrick Chauvel wonders where the moral limits of his profession lie. To answer this question, he interviews great photographers.

Conference by John G. Morris

Presentation of his book:Get the Picture: A Personal History of Photojournalism.

1999 Results

Written Press

Gabriel Grüner – STERN “Help” – SUDAN


James Natchwey – MAGNUM for TIME MAGAZINE “Descent into hell“ – INDONESIA


Fergal Keane – BBC “Sierra Leone“


Isabelle Dor – FRANCE INFO “Koscharé – KOSOVO“

Ouest-France-Jean Marin Prize

Javier Espinosa – EL MUNDO “Blood orgy in Sierra Leone“

Secondary School Students’ Prize

Fergal Keane – BBC “Sierra Leone“

General Public Prize

Brennan Linsley – SIPA PRESS “Famine in Sudan“