8th edition

12 october 2001 — 13 october 2001


New in 2001:In addition to Bayeux, the Students’ Prize is also held for the first time in Caen.

2001 Jury Chair

Adrian Van Klaveren is a multi-award winning journalist. He joined the BBC in 1983 as a news service intern and continued his career with the BBC. He is now a member of the senior management team of the BBC News Service and manages 550 journalists and technicians.

2001 Results

Written Press

Françoise Spiekermeier – PARIS MATCH “Horror camps in Chechnya“


Enric Marti – ASSOCIATED PRESS “Revolt in Palestine”


Ben Brown – BBC “The Jerusalem Uprising“


Gilles Perez – RFI “Leaving school“ – ISRAEL PALESTINE

Ouest-France-Jean Marin Prize

Maureen Cofflard – LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR “London, paradise of fools of Allah“

Secondary School Students’ Prize

Marie-Claude Vogric – FRANCE 3 “General Mladlic’s right-hand man is tried by the ICT for the Srebrenica massacre“

General Public Prize

Jeffrey B. Russel – CORBIS SYGMA “Depleted uranium, the long agony of the Iraqi people”