12th edition

3 - 8 october 2005


2005 Jury Chair

Christian Chesnot is a French journalist, specialist in the Middle East, working at the editorial staff of France Inter since 2005.Georges Malbrunot born in April 1962 in Allier, is a French journalist, specialist in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


"A Senseless Time"Vietnam and other wars (1964-1975)British photographer Don McCullin retraces a decade of war, from Vietnam to Cambodia, via Northern Ireland, Cyprus, the Biafra, etc. His reports are a unique testimony to the horrors of these conflicts, with photos that create a genuinely contemporary image of war and its consequences.Bayeux Tapestry – Chapel "Our Neighbours Opposite"Hebron: Jewish and Palestinian families brought together around a common objective

On the initiative of the Agence France Presse (AFP), 7 Israeli and Palestinian families used their cameras to illustrate daily life in the heart of Hebron. The photos give glimpses of how lives are lived in the two communities, and are being displayed in France for the 1st time. Alongside the exhibition, hundreds of photos will be projected onto a giant screen, retracing 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict (1985-2005) as seen by AFP correspondents.Hôtel du Doyen – rue Lambert Leforestier

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2005 Results

Written Press

Vincent Hugeux – L’EXPRESS “Uganda, slaughtered childhood“


Jim MacMillan – ASSOCIATED PRESS “The Nadjaf insurgency – Iraq“


Julian Manyon, Sacha Lomakim, Patrick O’Ryan-Roeder – ITN-ITV NEWS “The Siege of Beslan“


Ishbel Matheson and Dan McMillan – BBC NEWS “Rape in Darfur“

Ouest-France-Jean Marin Prize

Javier Espinosa – EL MUNDO “Headquarters to Imam Ali“ – IRAQ

General Public Prize

Roger Lemoyne – MACLEANS MAGAZINE / REDUX PICTURES “Gold, weapons and microbes – Democratic Republic of Congo“

Secondary School Students’ Prize

Caroline Sinz, Christian De Carné, Salah Agrabi – FRANCE 3 “Baghdad Pediatric Hospital“ – IRAQ