22th edition

From the 5th to the 11th october 2015


2015 Jury Chair

A Cambridge graduate, Carlotta Gall began her career as a journalist in Russia in 1994. She worked for a number of British and American newspapers and covered the first war in Chechnya for the English-language Moscow Times. She then became the New York Times correspondent in Belgrade. In November 2001, her arrival in Kabul coincided with the fall of the Taliban; she stayed in Afghanistan for twelve years in charge of the New York Times office. Based in Tunisia since 2013, Carlotta Gall combines the qualities of a courageous war correspondent with those of a top-flight analyst.


From Mosul to RaqqaA collective Exhibition

Photographs by: Yasin Akgul / AFP, Youssef Boudlal / Reuters, Laurence Geai, Bulent Kilic / AFP, Ayman Oghanna, Christian Werner / Laïf

DiscordiaMoises Saman - Magnum Photos

Ukraine – from West to EastGuillaume Herbaut, Jean-Philippe Stassen, Vadimsky

When the sky is blueTomas van Houtryve - VII

"Shoot the war" - Takes on war by IraqisConceived and supervised: Katia Jarjoura

Somewhere in France Summer 1944 by John G. MorrisContact Press Images

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2015 Results

Written Press

Christoph REUTER – DER SPIEGEL “ Haji Bakr, the brain of terror” – LEBANON


Heidi LEVINE – SIPA PRESS “War and healing in Gaza”


Mikhail GALUSTOV – VICE “Russian roulette” – UKRAINE


Emma-Jane KIRBY – BBC “The optician of Lampedusa” – ITALY

Grand Format television

Xavier MUNTZ – PREMIERES LIGNES TELEVISION for ARTE “Surrounded by the Islamic State” – IRAQ

Young Reporter Prize

Pierre SAUTREUIL – L’OBS “New Russia” – UKRAINE

Web journalism


Secondary School Students’ Prize

Alex CRAWFORD – SKY NEWS “Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

Ouest-France-Jean Marin Prize

Wolfgang BAUER – DIE ZEIT “And before us lies our happiness” – EGYPT/SYRIA

General Public Prize

Heidi LEVINE – SIPA PRESS “War and healing in Gaza”