# 387

© Little Big Story

Sunday 11th October – 4.15 pm

# 387

A film directed Madeleine Leroyer

co-written with Cécile Debarge
Production: Valérie Montmartin for Little Big Story
Co-production: Stenola Productions, Stenola Productions, Graffiti DOC

On April 18, 2015, a ship carrying at least 800 refugees sank off the Libyan coast. A year later, the salvaged wreck is brought to a Sicilian military base, where a forensic pathologist and her team are waiting to discover the identity of the victims. At this point, all that remains of victim #387 are remnants of clothing and decaying photographs and letters. Sim cards, soaked banknotes and a tube of toothpaste: these simple belongings have now become macabre still lifes.

In this investigative documentary, others employ their own methods to identify those who died. A researcher visits cemeteries where victims are buried as numbers, and works laboriously through various archives. Meanwhile, a Red Cross worker hopes to speak to possible family members in African villages, to discover the victims’ stories and give them a name.

This cinematic journey with a detective feel reveals the drudgery of humanitarian work, but above all it serves as a testament to the value of human life.

Duration: 61 min

The projection will be followed by an exchange with Madeleine Leroyer


Place Gauquelin Despallières
Free admission

October 11 2020