50 years of Doctors Without Borders

Discussion with armed men at a checkpoint in the streets of Aden, Yemen, July 2015.
© Guillaume Binet / MYOP


Three receptions that will help you get a better understanding of current affairs.
Sponsored by Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles.

Thursday 7 October — 9 pm

50 years of Doctors Without Borders

Journalists and humanitarian workers: comparing perspectives in conflict

Evening prepared and presented by Claude Guibal. With Rony Brauman, Morgane Le Cam, Luc Mathieu, Margaux Benn, Guillaume Binet et Pierre Mendiharat

Journalists and humanitarian workers operate in the same territories. From Rwanda to Bosnia to Yemen they have been, and still are, key witnesses of distant crises and conflicts. Although gaining access to conflict zones has always been a crucial challenge for both professions, the escalation in recent years of activity by Jihadist groups, some of them radically hostile to both humanitarian workers and journalists, appears to have injected a new layer of complexity. So in Afghanistan or the countries of the Sahel the threat of attacks or kidnappings is a factor in limiting their scope for action and even understanding of these crises.
Is it more difficult for Doctors Without Borders, who like journalists have been operating in the midst of conflicts for 50 years, to work in war zones today? How do you provide treatment or bear witness while staying safe and preserving the security of colleagues, patients and populations too? How can you get close to populations who are victims of war? Under what conditions can you go and what risks are acceptable?

Place Gauquelin Despallières
Doors open at 8 pm

Free Admission

October 7 2021