Adriane Ohanesian
“Boiling Point, South Sudan”


OCTOBER 2sd – 29th

In 2011, South Sudan became the world’s newest country. The independence of South Sudan put an end to Africa’s longest civil war. Yet, it wasn’t long before conflict with Sudan erupted again, and, in December, 2013, internal ethnic tensions boiled over, destroying the newly formed nation.

Over the past year, the United Nations was forced to reckon with the collapse of the world’s newest state. The government and rebel forces operated with more impunity than ever, and the peacekeeping forces failed the population time and again. On the peacekeepers’ watch, the looting of food aid and UN property and direct attacks on diplomats and UN employees were carried out by government forces. As the war in South Sudan enters its fourth year, nearly 2 million people remain displaced within their own country, while an additional 2 million have fled the ongoing violence. Peace deals are signed and then broken. Civilians on all sides of the conflict suffer amid economic collapse and insecurity, caught inside the state failure. Facing famine and continued atrocities, thousands of South Sudanese are fleeing to Uganda each day, now home to the world’s largest refugee site and the greatest refugee crisis in Africa since the Rwandan genocide.


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October 2 2017


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