Amnesty International round table


Amnesty International round table

Substantiating facts: the crux of an investigation
Investigating, bearing witness, judging?


Moderated by Virginie Roels, editor-in-chief of the Amnesty International magazine Chronicle.
With: Jeanne Sulzer, Head of the Legal Affairs Committee, Amnesty International, Cécile Allegra, journalist and filmmaker (Albert-London Prize winner 2015) and a member of an Amnesty International research team

Journalists and NGO research teams carry out essential work in conflict zones. They inform, gather evidence and establish facts. Technology fosters information in real time and enables events to be analysed even in inaccessible areas. How are these investigations carried out, and in what time frames? How can these investigations support the work of the judiciary? This encounter, beyond the war in Ukraine, will set out and explore these issues.

Halle Ô Grains
66 rue Saint-Jean
Free admission

October 8 2022


Halle Ô Grains