“Children of the Jungle”

SUNDAY OCTOBER 8th – 11 am

They are called Rafi, Salman, Sayeed or Ali. They are all under 18 and they come from Afghanistan, Syria or Pakistan where they have fled, alone, without their parents, from war and fighting.

After months of wandering, they now find themselves stuck in the cold and the mud at Calais. There are several hundred unaccompanied minors in the Jungle. Their dream is to reach England. To try to do so, they risk their lives climbing into containers or sliding onto the axles of trailers. As they wait to try their luck again, they try to survive in the Jungle, fearful and at the mercy of ill-intentioned adults and criminal networks. Neither France nor Great Britain seem willing to acknowledge how vulnerable these “children of the Jungle” are. The film follows almost a year of the day-to-day living hell of these kids in northern France until the final demolition of the Jungle.

Duration: 60min

The documentary will be followed by an exchange with Thomas Dandois and Stéphane Marchetti

Screenings will take place at
Pavillon Prix Bayeux-Calvados
Place Gauquelin-Despallières

October 8 2017