Clean Torture: An American Fabrication

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Sunday 11th October – 10.45 am

Clean Torture: An American Fabrication

A film by Auberi Edler

Since 9/11, the United States has used torture as a way to fight terrorism. Based on various testimonies and confessions, an official Senate Report released in 2014 recognized and detailed these programs. A lesser-known story begins at the end of World War II: the CIA began financing an expansive research program on “enhanced interrogation techniques,” carried out in America’s most prestigious universities. Compiled in 1963 by the CIA, the Kubark Manual details these techniques that have been used in Afghanistan, Guantanamo and Iraq. Today, some are still employed on the American soil. Through the testimonies of specialists and witnesses, victims and torturers, Clean Torture: An American Fabrication explores 70 years of “white” or “clean torture,” which leaves no physical marks. The film recounts how the United States – from the 1940s to today – transformed the practice of torture into a state culture.

Production: Program 33 et Arte France with RTS and RTBF

Duration: 57 min

The documentary will be followed by an exchange with Auberi Edler

Place Gauquelin Despallières
Free admission

October 11 2020