Documentary Screenings – Islamic State, Inside the monster’s head

Sunday October 14th

Islamic State, Inside the monster’s head

A film by Kamal Redouani

Produced by Philippe Levasseur and Amandine Chambelland of the CAPA agency with the participation of France Télévisions

In Libya, in the ruined home of an Emir of Islamic State, a young fighter found a computer.  The hard disk contained thousands of confidential computer files, all bearing the seal of the terrorist organisation. The young fighter decided to give a copy of the disk to Kamal Redouani, a senior correspondent specialising in the Middle East, who had been travelling throughout Libya since the Arab revolutions, and whom he trusted. After detailed analysis and checking of these original documents, several trips to Libya and eighteen months of production in top secret, the documentary was completed. It describes, for the first time and from the inside, how Islamic State operates – its painstaking brutality and dictatorial organisation. It also enables us to understand how and why this terrorist movement is able to rise from the ashes time and again.
An illuminating leap into the monster’s head.

The documentary will be followed by an exchange with Kamal Redouani

Duration: 1h10


Screenings will take place at the Pavillon – Place Gauquelin-Despallières

October 14 2018