In the Rearview

Tuesday 10 October – 8.30pm

Movie screening
In the Rearview

Directed by Maciek Hamela

Bosnia, July 1995.
A Polish van criss-crosses the roads of Ukraine. On board, Maciek Hamela is evacuating people who have fled their country since the Russian invasion. The vehicle becomes a pop-up shelter, a place of trust and confidences for people who are leaving everything behind and have only one objective left: to find a new way of life for themselves and their children.
The film’s main protagonists are people fleeing the bombings. The space that holds all their stories is a 7-seater minivan that is used to ferry them from their remote towns and villages close to the Russian border to safer areas. For many of the people who climb aboard, this minivan, carrying more passengers than it is authorised to do, becomes a rocket carrying them to safety. At the same time, it’s the first safe, intimate place for them to confide in each other, and it’s only natural that they should share their experiences. Most of the time, the passengers don’t know each other, and each tells their story, very often for the first time.

The screening will be followed by a question and answer session with Maciek Hamela, director.

Cinéma Le Méliès
12, rue Genas Duhomme
Admission: 7 €
Duration : 1 h 25

October 10 2023


Cinéma Le Méliès