Jan Grarup
“Mosul Exodus”

© Jan Grarup

OCTOBER 2sd – 29th

The exhibit is a journey thru the battle against ISIS and the liberation of the second largest city in Iraq – The fierce battle between Iraqi special forces, Shia militias and ISIS has left Mosul in ruins and with hundreds of thousand people as refugees – with little to nothing to return to now the fighting is almost over. While the battle was raging in the streets, ISIS held civilians as hostages or human shields killing thousands either while they were in the city or as the tried to escape the war. Now – in front of them stand a long rebuilding of the city – and even more important a long road ahead to start living side by side Sunni and Shia muslims. Many wounds have to heal – a city scared for a long time into the future.

Outside in Bayeux

Layout of the exhibition :

This exhibition was created in association with CIC Nord Ouest and AFD

October 2 2017


Outside in Bayeux