PREMIERE – Libya, Anatomy of a crime


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Thursday October 11th

Libya, Anatomy of a crime

There have never been any limits to the brutality meted out to civilians in times of war. But over the last 30 years a particular, silent, crime has been steadily increasing. In Bosnia, Rwanda, Congo, or Syria, women and children have been the primary targets. In Libya, rape is perpetrated above all against men. And so far, no-one has succeeded in providing proof.
For the first time, victims have spoken out. What they reveal is terrifying – a system of organised rape, used since the beginning of the Revolution in 2011 and which is still in force. Up until now neither the UN nor other international bodies have ever been in a position to reveal this war crime or to assess its scale. A defiant few – ex-prosecutors and activists – are fighting in secret to collect proof of this tragedy.
“Libya, Anatomy of a crime” reveals the workings of this “weapon” which is in the process of causing one of the largest Arab nations to implode.


The screening will be followed by a question-and-answer session with Cécile Allegra and Céline Bardet (co-writer, international lawyer specialising in war crimes, and president and founder of WWoW).

Directed by Cécile Allegra
In Collaboration with Céline Bardet
Music: Mathias Duplessy
Editor: Fabrice Salinié
Filmed by: Thomas Brémond
Co-production Cinétévé – ARTE France
In association with RTS Radio Télévision Suisse

Duration: 1h10

Place Gauquelin-Despallières
Doors open at 8 pm

Free Admission

October 11 2018