Special correspondent’s debate – Yemen, a war behind closed doors


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Friday October 12th

Special correspondent’s debate
Yemen, a war behind closed doors

Since the country’s reunification almost 20 years ago, Yemen has lived through political experiments and episodes of violence. In 2014 war broke out. A war behind closed doors, unending, with no clear death toll. But death is everywhere – on the front line, in the neighbourhoods targeted for attacks, and in the towns and countryside ravaged by cholera epidemics and famine. A civil war behind closed doors but with stakes reaching far beyond the borders. On the one side are the Shi’a Houthi rebels supported by Iran, and on the other are loyalist forces armed by a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia, with Al Qaeda and IS creating confusion between the lines and the civilian population, trapped in the middle, suffering as the principal victims of this struggle between powers. The options of flight or exile are not available: the land borders are closed and the sea is infested with pirate ships.
How can one explain the West’s silence? The United Nations have appointed a special envoy for Yemen. What is his room for manoeuvre and what are his chances of success? Is it possible for Yemen, now exhausted and bled dry, to be reborn and enjoy lasting peace?

A debate prepared and animated by Eric Valmir (France Inter), with Jean-Philippe Rémy ( Le Monde), François-Xavier Trégan, Linda Al Obahi and Laurent Bonnefoy

Place Gauquelin-Despallières
Doors open at 8 pm

Free Admission

October 12 2018