Movie screening – “Wrong Elements”


Documentary directed by Jonathan Littell

In Uganda, in 1989, Joseph Kony, a young Acholi insurgent under the influence of spirits, set up a movement of rebellion against the central government, which he called the LRA – “the Lord’s Resistance Army”. Over a period of years the army grew by abducting adolescent boys – more than 60,000 over 25 years – of whom less than half returned from the bush alive. These adolescents include Geoffrey, Nighty and Mike, a group of friends, along with Lapisa, all of whom were abducted at the age of 12 or 13.  Today they are trying to rebuild their deeply damaged personalities and return to a normal life, and are coming back to the places where their childhoods were stolen from them. At once victims and executioners, witnesses to and participants in atrocities beyond their understanding, they remain “Wrong Elements” who have great difficulty being accepted back into society. Meanwhile, although the Ugandan army continues to hunt down the last, scattered LRA rebels in the forests of central Africa, Joseph Kony himself is still at large.

Cinéma Le Méliès
Admission: 6,50 €
Duration: 133 min
French version

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October 4 2017


Cinéma Le Méliès