Oscar B. Castillo
Venezuela: The Collapse of a Dream

© Oscar B. Castillo

From October 8th to November 4th

Oscar B. Castillo has spent more than six years documenting violence in Venezuela. Although his country does not have a declared war, its social decay is at its worst in recent history. In his work, Castillo focuses on the human side of what he calls “a plague devouring the lives of the Venezuelan society.” His documentary images aim at enhancing an open debate and addressing the “cancer” devouring Venezuela. Castillo deconstructs how hatred, polarization, economic interests, corruption and constant impunity have led to a socio-political rupture. His exhibition also incorporates his work related to his family as Castillo wishes to build “more intimate links with the bigger story.” From Hugo Chavez’s project that gave hope to the excluded populations to today’s deep polarization in a fractured society, Castillo shares the fate of an hungry, exhausted and frustrated population. As the citizens’ pain is used as a political tool, Castillo is adamant: “the tragedy is in the air.”

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October 8 2018


Espace d’art actuel Le Radar