People’s Choice Award


On Saturday October 7th, the public will select its prize-winner in the photo category.

This prize will be handed during the award ceremony.

10.00 am: People’s Choice Award

11.00 am: Looking back at the 2016 People’s Choice Award attributed to the journalist Yannis Behrakis for his report “Les persécutés”.

The media processing of crises allows to draw attention to the public on the dramas that are the result of underdevelopment and the tensions that come along with it.

Convinced that the work of reporters is as imperative as field actions during times of crises, Nelly Reliat, from “prevention of crises and end of conflicts” service of the AFD and Yannis Behrakis suggest taking the time to exchange with the public of that subject.

This exchange will be followed by the 2017 People’s Choice Award sponsored by the AFD for the fourth year running.


Tapisserie de Bayeux

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October 7 2017


Tapisserie de Bayeux