Reporters’ Memorial

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Thursday 8th October –  5 pm

Reporters’ Memorial

2019-2020 Stele

On Thursday 8 October Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will pay tribute to those journalists who were killed while exercising their profession during the past year. Christophe Deloire, General Secretary of RSF, will unveil a commemorative stone in  their honour during a ceremony at the Reporters’ Memorial.

Once again this year the names of dozens of journalists had to be engraved on the white commemorative stones of the Reporters’ Memorial. All of them were killed while carrying out their profession. Countries that are supposedly at peace are now seen to be at least as deadly as those at war or regions undergoing conflict. In addition to Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, deaths took place in the Philippines, Ukraine and Haiti. The threats and dangers are manifold: investigating mafia organisations or covering demonstrations led to reporters being killed in Iraq, Nigeria and Pakistan. In Congo, a reporter lost his life while producing a report on Ebola. This year, Mexico holds the record for the number of journalists killed, with eight dead.

French reporters, specialists of these difficult areas, will come to evoke the memory of these journalists who work at the risk of their lives. Special tribute will also be paid to AFP photographer Nabil Hasan al-Quaety, killed in Yemen.


In its Annual Report for 2019 RSF listed 49 journalists who had been killed. This figure is  “historically low”  in comparison with the average of 80 deaths per year recorded over the past two decades, and is primarily a reflection of the smaller number of journalists killed in theatres of armed conflict.

Mémorial des reporters
Boulevard Fabian Ware
Direct access from rue de Verdun

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October 8 2020


Mémorial des reporters