Reporter’s Memorial

© Nicolas Barbanchon

Thursday October 12th – 5 pm

Reporter’s Memorial

2022-2023 Commemorative stone

On Thursday 12 October Reporters Without Borders (RSF) will pay tribute to journalists killed in the line of duty over the past year. At a ceremony at the Reporters’ Memorial, RSF Secretary General Christophe Deloire will unveil a commemorative stone in their memory, in the presence of relatives of the victims.

Forty journalists’ names had to be engraved again this year on the white marble commemorative stones at the Reporters’ Memorial. All were killed in the line of duty. The deaths took place in all corners of the world, not just in war zones such as Ukraine, where two journalists, including our AFP colleague Arman Soldin, were killed in 2023. It was also a particularly deadly year for journalists from the Americas: almost half of the names inscribed on the commemorative stone this year (17 out of 40) are those of media professionals from this part of the world. In Haiti alone, four journalists were killed, while three lost their lives in Mexico. Even the country of the First Amendment, the United States, was not spared: two journalists were killed on its soil. The sordid murder of British journalist Dom Phillips in Brazil also created a shock wave. His family and that of the French journalist Arman Soldin will come to honour their memory and pay tribute to them.




Mémorial des reporters
Boulevard Fabian Ware
Direct access from rue de Verdun
Free admission

October 12 2023


Mémorial des reporters