Rory Peck Trust Round Table

Wednesday 11 October – 4 pm

Rory Peck Trust Round Table

Frontline reporting:
How war correspondents manage the pressures of their vocation.

The physical risks of frontline reporting are well known and managed by security experts working within newsrooms but what of the psychological toll? What is the impact on journalists’ mental health and how do they prepare, before, during and after an assignment?
Taboos around mental health issues among journalists are starting to lift, but many journalists avoid seeking support or treatment through fear of losing work. We will hear from three conflict reporters who have agreed to share their experiences of frontline reporting about how they manage the psychological challenges of their chosen vocation.

Elaine Cobbe, journalist, has been covering international news for 30 years.
Jean-Marc Mojon, head of security coordination at AFP.
Olga Kravets was born in Moscow then the USSR, in 1984, of a father Ukrainian father and a Russian mother. Trained as a journalist, director and photographer

Halle Ô Grains
66 rue Saint-Jean
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October 11 2023


Halle Ô Grains