PREMIERE – Rohingya: The mechanics of the crime

Patrick Brown © Panos / UNICEF 2019


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Wednesday October 9th

Rohingya: The mechanics of the crime

A documentary by Gwenlaouen Le Gouil, for Arte Théma

Produced by Nova Prod and TV Presse Productions

This film is an investigation on the ground which was undertaken simultaneously in Myanmar and Bangladesh, to show that the ethnic cleansing carried out against the Rohingya minority was premeditated. It aims to decipher this “textbook case of ethnic cleansing” like a news item.
Hundreds of burned out villages, rapes, large scale massacres and 700,000 Rohingyas leaving Myanmar and taking the roads to exile towards neighbouring Bangladesh.The whole world saw these images of a people in rags fleeing from persecution, on foot or in flimsy little skiffs . The United Nations denounced first “ethnic cleansing” and then “elements of genocide”.
At first sight this large scale massacre followed by a massive exodus appeared to be happening suddenly, like an explosion of violence or an upsurge of hatred bursting out of nowhere. But emptying an area the size of a French region of its population requires military, human and logistical resources. It has to have been thought about and prepared. It is a premeditated act which requires at least a degree of organisation and forward thinking.
The recent tragic events experienced by the Rohingyas are just the completion of a policy of discrimination which had already existed for a long time. They represent the final, most brutal act, the culmination of a classic case of ethnic cleansing. What happened was thus quite predictable.

The documentary will be followed by an exchange with Gwenlaouen Le Gouil

Place Gauquelin-Despallières
Doors open at 8 pm

Free Admission

October 9 2019