The Afghans, abandoned in the name of peace

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Wednesday 7th October – 8.30 pm

The Afghans, abandoned in the name of peace

Director: Alexandra Jousset
Coproduction: ARTE France, CAPA PRESSE

Since being driven out of Kabul by UN forces in 2001 the Taliban have regained control of much of Afghanistan, obliging the USA to enter into a peace agreement. As military victors, they are now preparing to take over power again in Kabul. Their political leaders claim that their doctrine is  less strict today than when they exercised totalitarian rule over Afghanistan. But our exclusive investigation inside the Taliban-controlled zone demonstrates that the fighters themselves have not changed. There are no schools for girls and no commitments to respecting human rights. In this documentary we also meet members of civil society who are organising in order to resist the return of the rebels. They will soon be left to confront the religious extremists on their own, and accuse the West of failing to fulfil their commitments, especially the most basic one of safeguarding human rights in Afghanistan.

The documentary will be followed by an exchange with Alexandra Jousset

Halle Ô Grains
66 rue Saint-Jean
Doors open at 7.45 pm

Free Admission

October 7 2020


Halle Ô Grains