Special correspondent’s evening – SCAM
Is the war over in Syria?

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Friday 8 October — 9 pm

Special correspondent’s evening – SCAM
Is the war over in Syria?

Have we missed a peace agreement after ten years of war, five hundred thousand dead and ten million displaced persons? A presidential election has confirmed Bashar Al-Assad in power with 95% of the votes, flights have resumed between Damascus and Dubai, the Gulf powers who had excluded the Syrian president from the Arab League are calling for the normalisation of relations with the Syrian regime, Denmark considers that it is now safe for Syria to receive refugees who had fled from the war, there is once again a Greek embassy in Damascus, Hungary and Bulgaria are re-establishing diplomatic ties. So has Europe’s position changed?
No, the European Union has no intention of re-establishing relations with Syria even if certain member states are making approaches to do so themselves, no, there is no peace agreement, and Syria stands accused before the United Nations Security Council of having used chemical weapons on 17 occasions. The crisis is still a geopolitical one. On one side are the United States and Europe, and on the other Russia and Iran. As the country lies in ruins, the Syrian regime is still bombing the area around Idlib where the last pockets of resistance are holding out, torture has resumed and militias continue to clash. The country, bled dry, is suffering from famine, the cities are destroyed, the economy at a standstill and security is non-existent.
So let’s ask the question once again: Is the war over in Syria?

A reception prepared and animated by Eric Valmir with Garance Le Caisne, Kamal Redouani, Raphaël Pitti, Laurence Geai, Jean-Philippe Rémy, Edith Bouvier, Hala Kodmani, Sameer Al-Doumy, Abdulmonam Eassa…

Place Gauquelin Despallières
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October 8 2021