Syria, women in war – PREMIERE

Sunday 10 October — 10.45 am

Syria, women in war – PREMIERE

Directed by Kamal Redouani

Production Amandine Chambelland / Capa – France Télévisions

In March 2011 the wind of revolt blew across Syria as it did in many countries throughout the Arab world. That spring, with people taking to the street, brought hopes of a new era and the end of the Assad regime that had been in power for several decades. Women were in the forefront of those calling for this revolution. They began to dream of change, freedom and democracy.
10 years later, Syria is a country in ruins, bogged down in a civil war that has left 500,000 dead and millions of refugees.
To try to understand this tragedy Kamal Redouani decided to invite women, those who have lost the most in this revolution, to speak. After dreaming of a better world and a freer and fairer society, they are now having to fight not only for their ideals, but for their very survival and their basic rights. As well as being crushed by the regime, imprisoned and raped, they have been the first victims of another force: Islamic State.
4 women tell their own stories through a decade of chaos.  Marwa was 14 in 2011. She lived through the siege of Aleppo, fled, and gave birth to two children on the road to exile. Loubna, a proud fighter, was a witness of the chemical attack on the Ghouta. Khaïti, a medical student, lost her brother in the war. Mouna had to flee Raqqa after having the courage to oppose ISIS. Today they all live in exile. Some of them dream of returning, others dream of Europe, but they all consider that the Syria they knew and loved has been engulfed and has disappeared for ever

The screening will be followed by an exchange with Kamal Redouani.

Place Gauquelin Despallières
Free admission
Duration: 70 min

October 10 2021