The Trek: A Migrant Trail to America

© Brice Lainé

Sunday 15 October – 4 pm

This day of documentary screenings is organized thanks to the support of the AKE.




 The Trek: A Migrant Trail to America

A CNN film for the series ‘The Whole Story’.
Produced and directed by Nick Paton Walsh, Brice Lainé & Natalie Gallón.
Written and narrated by Nick Paton Walsh
Photography, Sound and Editing: Brice Lainé
Fixer: Carlos Villalon

It is one of the most dangerous journeys on the planet, but this year will likely become the biggest with 1 million people in during death, dehydration, robbery and rape as they seek to cross the Darien gap and head north to the United States.
This is an intimate portrait of entire families on the move. Children separated from parents. Sick disabled girls, desperately in need of medicine. the elderly struggling to stay upright. and the bodies of those who haven’t made it along the litter-strewn riverbed. But shining through the daily agony and endurance, there is an extraordinary spirit of survival and generosity, to fellow humans, in which complete strangers put themselves, and even greater risk to help people they met minutes earlier. A striking picture of human resilience and kindness.

The screening will be followed by an exchange with Brice Lainé and Natalie Gallón


Place Gauquelin Despallières
Duration : 42 min
Free admission

October 15 2023