War coverage: new tools, new professions


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War coverage: new tools, new professions

This is a first for Bayeux. We will be looking at how the press is using the new tools for verifying information to support its work in the field. Cartography, computer graphics, video, aerial photos, image analysis software: today, the work of reporters is supported by analysis work. 

New tools and new professions are needed in a world where disinformation has become a powerful weapon and control of the field an obsession for communicators.
Over the course of a special evening event, we’ll take the example of Le Monde’s coverage of the war in Ukraine.
Jean-Philippe Rémy, from Le Monde’s foreign service, will tell us how he set up field coverage, photos and texts, but also how he worked with the new professions involved in daily newspaper conflict coverage: Delphine Papin, head of Le Monde’s cartography, who developed this service and made it an important aspect of the coverage of conflict zones; Charles-Henry Groult, head of the video service, who works with his team to analyse the origin of the images, sort them out and broadcast those which help to illustrate a particular situation. These infographic surveys have become an essential part of covering a conflict.

Evening prepared and presented by Lucas Menget

Halle Ô Grains
66, rue Saint Jean
Doors open at 8 pm
Free Admission

October 11 2023


Halle Ô Grains