9th edition

10-12 october 2002


The Bayeux Award becomes the "Bayeux-Calvados Award" for war correspondents.

Opening of the Pavillon Prix Bayeux-CalvadosThanks to the involvement of the Conseil Général, the organization is acquiring a pavilion that can accommodate 500 people that year. Moreover, the Bayeux-Calvados Award now covers the whole of Lower Normandy.A Prize for high school studentsWithin the framework of the Bayeux Calvados Award, this prize is organized for the television category and extends to the whole region. It is awarded by 800 high school students from Basse-Normandie. Voting takes place on Monday, October 7 in the 3 departments.

2002 Jury Chair

Jean-Marie Cavada, born February 24, 1940 in Épinal (Vosges), is a French journalist and politician. He was MEP from 2004 to 2019. Jean-Marie Cavada is a former French journalist who produced and hosted the famous program "La Marche du Siècle".
 He was also president of Radio France from 1998 to 2004.


Four exceptional exhibitions by the greatest contemporary correspondents will be presented from October 10 to 31 in Bayeux.• At the Hôtel du Doyen“Evidence” (Yugoslavia) by Gary Knight, VII agencyThe images in "Evidence" were taken in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo during the conflict between the NATO-backed Kosovo Liberation Army and the Yugoslav army in the spring and summer of 1999. They tend to demonstrate the validity of the charges against the political and military system in Yugoslavia."Chechnya", the forgotten war by Eric Bouvet, independent photographer, winner of the Bayeux Calvados Award for War Correspondents - Photo Trophy 2000.A premiere in Bayeux, this exhibition retraces the daily life of the Chechen population during the conflict, based on a report made in March 1995.• At the Bayeux Tapestry"The daily life of Afghans in the war", by Agence France PresseAbout fifty pictures, taken by 17 reporters of different nationalities, mark the major stages of this conflict, from the bombings to the arrival of American troops, from the fall of Kabul to the capture of Tora Bora.True testimonies of the different aspects of the war, they insist on the daily life of the Afghan people during this period and the changes that took place after the fall of the Taliban.• At the Seminary Chapel"The formation of the Afghan battalion". Exhibition proposed by the Ministry of Defense.In accordance with the Bonn Agreements, signed on December 3, 2001, France and the United States committed to contribute to the training of part of the Afghan army, to allow the Afghan government to rely on a regular, trained, disciplined and multi-ethnic army.France has taken charge of the training of two light infantry battalions, which began on 8 June 2002.

CORRESPONDENTS EVENING - "Forgotten conflicts”

Thursday, October 10, 2002, at 9 pm, Pavillon Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Place Gauquelin Despallières5 international correspondents will take part in a large debate on the theme of forgotten conflicts. Where are these conflict zones? What is really happening there? Why are they forgotten? An evening animated and illustrated by the testimonies of journalists who have returned from these countries that are not talked about... or no longer.

FILM EVENING - War Photographer by Christian Frei, in V.O. (English)

Friday, October 11, 9pm, Theater Le MélièsNominated for an Oscar for best documentary film in 2002, War Photographer is a striking portrait of the American James Nachtwey, considered by his peers to be one of the greatest war photographers of today.Total immersion of the spectator, when Christian Frei uses micro-cameras fixed on the reporter's own camera in the heart of the conflict, only a few meters from the combatants. An exceptional document in the presence of the director and James Nachtwey.


Saturday, October 12, 2002, at 6:00 p.m., Pavillon Prix Bayeux-Calvados, Place Gauquelin DespallièresThe official award ceremony will be presided by Jean-Marie Cavada, president of Radio France, and hosted by Jean-Paul Mari, senior reporter at Nouvel Observateur.

2002 Results

Written Press

Pierre Barbancey – L’HUMANITÉ “Through the rubble, words of survivors, terror in Jenin“ – CISJORDAN


Luc Delahaye – MAGNUM PHOTOS “Afghanistan“


Gilles Jacquier, Bertrand Coq,Tatiana Derouet, Alexandre Berne – FRANCE 2 “Nablus, died in the Casbah“ – CISJORDAN


Arnaud Zajtman – BBC “Kisangani, revelation about a massacre“ – DR DU CONGO

Ouest-France-Jean Marin Prize

Jean Kehayan – LIBÉRATION “In 1915, the genocide emptied Anatolia of his Armenians“

Secondary School Students’ Prize

John Simpson – BBC “The fall of Kabul“ – AFGHANISTAN

General Public Prize

Yannis Behrakis – REUTERS “Liberation of Afghanistan “