Rwanda : mauvais souvenir

Free entry for the screeningScreenings takes place at la Halle aux Grains - 66, rue Saint-Jean


In Rwanda, they have long been rejected. The children born from rape during the 1994 genocide.

They are no less than twenty thousand. Today, in their twenties, they learn to live with this dreadful heritage. Spicee met with Dyvine, Hillary, Arthur, Emmerance… They just became adults and still have questions regarding their origin. Only now, do they have the strength to talk about their stories, and this painful feeling of illegitimacy they face in the Rwandan society. These children called "Painful memories", are nonetheless the symbol of a great promise: the reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis. What if they were the future of Rwanda?

Directed by Marine Courtade et Christophe Busché.
Produced by Spicee
Duration: 40 min

Crédit photo : ©DR

Watani : my Homeland

Free admission Screening takes place at la Halle aux Grains - 66, rue Saint-Jean


Watani: My Homeland follows on the critically acclaimed Children on the Frontline

This unique film follows a Syrian family over three years as they are forced to leave behind their lives in Aleppo and embark on life as refugees, resettling in Germany.

UK/Germany, 2016

Crédit : ©DR

Le Choix d'Oleg

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Free admission for the screening
Screening takes place at la Halle aux Grains - 66, rue Saint-Jean


In the summer of 2014, thousands of young Russians surged East Ukraine, in the region of Donbass to bear arms, galvanized by propaganda and convinced to be fulfilling their patriotic duties.

Among them, Oleg, promoted to battalion commander and Max, soldier. Their story takes a sad turn on the night of June 3rd 2015 when Oleg leads his men to their death. The fight will wipe out most of the battalion, leaving the survivors to deal with the consequences of their decision to fight.

Documentary by Elena Volochine and James Keogh
Produced by Little Big story
Duration: 74 min

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 « Le Choix d'Oleg »



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Bagdad, chronique d’une ville emmurée

Free entry for the sceeeningThe sceeening takes place at la Halle aux Grains - 66, rue Saint-Jean

Photo et copyright Laurent Van der Stockt
Baghdad is immured in fear, unease and violence. Among the cities of this world, the Iraqi capital has suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks.

Its 8 million inhabitants have lived through the bloody end of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, the American occupation, and the revival of a religious war between Sunnis and Shias with the emergence of ISIS. Now all players fight for control over a territory of which Baghdad is the epicente

The film is a chronicle of the city, of Baghdadis who fear for their lives at every outing, of their despair as well as their incredible spark of humanity. Through the course of encounters with inhabitants, with religious chiefs, politicians and militants, the filmmakers, who have been working in Baghdad for years, evoke this ancient capital today at the heart of a devastating and historic civil war.


Durée : 53 min
Crédit : ©Laurent van der Stockt

Prize-winner of the category Grand Format Television

Free entry for the screeningScreening takes place at la Halle aux Grains - 66, rue Saint-Jean


Screening of the award-winning report in the Grand Format Television category.

Duration : 30 min approximately

Boko Haram - Les origines du Mal

Free entry for the screening Screening takes place at Auditorium - 1, rue de Bretagne

Boko Haram

An exclusive and chilling investigation into the origins of the Islamic terrorist group and its bloody rise, fuelled by army abuses.

On April 14 2014 over 250 schoolgirls were abducted by the Boko Haram group in Chibok in northern Nigeria. This outrageous act heralded the birth in international media of an Islamic sect which had been in existence for over ten years in the region. Soon after this, its leader, Abubakar Shekau, proclaimed his allegiance to the black flag of the Islamic State organization.

The maker of a highly acclaimed documentary about the struggle of the Peshmerga Kurds against Daesh, war reporter and director, Xavier Muntz, has undertaken an investigation in the war torn region where the group came into being in 2002, to try to uncover the reasons behind its extreme violence. Hundreds of abductions, tens of thousands of murders, dozens of suicide bombings, hundreds of razed villages, not only in northern Nigeria, but also now in Cameroon, Chad, Niger...: a savagery that the Nigerian giant, despite now being supported by its neighbors, is still struggling to contain.

Through the testimonies of civilian survivors of the attacks, community leaders, local and international observers, this film tries to deciphers the dizzying ascent of what began as an Islamic sect, supported by many Muslims in the area, under the rule of its charismatic leader, Mohammed Yusuf. At first defended for electoral purposes by the regional powers, and then hounded by the authorities, the army in a fierce military crackdown summarily executed him in 2009, which far from defeating Boko Haram, heralded the start of a merciless war.

This penetrating insight into a conflict which has been as widely publicized as misunderstood, serves to expose, in addition to the atrocities of Boko Haram, the overwhelming responsibility of the Nigerian army in a bloody conflict that has caused some 32,000 civilian deaths.

Crédit photo : DR

Directed by Xavier Muntz
Written by Bruno Fay and Xavier Muntz
Produced by Arte G.E.I.E. / Premières Lignes
Duration 52 min

Le Bourbier

Free admissionScreening takes place at the Auditorium - 1, rue de la Bretagne

Le Bourbier

Investigation on the Daesh coalition

A film by Laurent Richard
Production: Premières Lignes in association with Canal+


Original 90 minutes documentary shot in Iraq, Europe and the United States that reveals the failures of the war against Daesh and how a coalition of 60 international countries lead by the United States has yet to defeat the jihadists group of 30.000 men.

Journalist Laurent Richard has gathered a great number of testimonies and goes behind the scenes of underground military operations lead by the CIA in Iraq and Syria.

Some of the witnesses affirm that the White House was backing their operations and have now been “abandoned” by American advisers. Some even decided to switch camps and are now fighting the Bachar Al Assad government with the Islamic State.
This investigation that lasted a year, reveals the hidden agendas of the allied coalition that has been caught up in this war since 2011.

Six years later, the number of people killed in Syria now amounts to more than 300.000. The government of Bachar that keeps on bombing and torturing its population, is said to be responsible for 80% of those deaths.

Crédit photo : DR
Duration 90 min

Photographers on the Front Line


Duration: 52 minutes

This film charts the story of the creation of the French Army Photographic Section, set up in 1915. It brings to life some of the pioneers of war photography, and features historians and leading war photographers of today talking about the photographs.

Photographers: Patrick Chauvel, Marie Dorigny, Eric Bouvet, Baptiste Giroudon, Alain Mingam, Samuel Bollendorff.

A film by Aurine Cremieu.

A Camera Lucida/ECPAD/Histoire co-production with the participation of TV5 Monde and France Télévisions

© Ecpad- Agence d'Images de la Défense

Halle aux Grains - 66 rue St Jean

Under the skin - A journey into savagery

Robel, Germay, Filmon and Halefom have survived the Sinaï torture camps. Through their words, in the intimacy of their rooms, the film draws their long trip through barbarism, an experience that has left traces on each of the boys' skin. From Stockholm to Cairo, wherever they found shelter, every survivor experiences a nightmarish mental exile that "Under the skin / A journey into savagery" tries to retrace, carefully.

A film by Cécile Allegra and Delphine Deloget.

Followed by a discussion with Cécile Allegra and Delphine Deloget.

Duration : 62'

Halle aux Grains - 66 rue St Jean

The fight for Yemen

In September 2014, after 4 days of fighting, Houthi rebels took control of Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. A few days later, Safa Al Ahmad, a BBC journalist, managed to enter Yemen. She is the only journalist to have filmed for a western television station, a considerable feat in a country cut off from the world for several months. The film is an outstanding document, the result of a highly risky journey which begins in Saada, the province of the Houthis in the north of the country. It was from here that the Houthis began their conquest of Yemen, a country divided into tribal zones, some of which are loyal to the arch-enemies of the Houthis – Al Qaeda.

Directed by Safa Al Ahmad

Durection: 45 minutes

A BBC production. Broadcast by Special Investigation Canal +

Halle aux Grains - 66 rue St Jean

In the Name of the Temple

During the 6-Day War of June 1967, Israeli soldiers occupied the Temple Mount. This was the site of the Temple, the most holy place in Judaism, which had been destroyed by the Romans 2,000 years earlier. For nationalist rabbis, capture of the Mount confirmed their vision: Zionism is the herald of redemption. ‘In the Name of the Temple’ is the first documentary, drawing on exclusive interviews, to examine the emergence of messianic religious Zionism.

In order to seize possession of what they consider to be the Land of Israel, the Zionists sent their followers to colonise the Left Bank and Gaza. After spurning every single peace initiative, they are now preparing to build a new Jewish Temple on the site of the Al Aqsa holy mosques, the third most holy site of Islam.

Duration: 65 minutes

Directed by Charles Enderlin

Zadig Productions, produced by Paul Rozenberg and Céline Nusse.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Charles Enderlin

Halle aux Grains - 66 rue St Jean

Prize winner of the category Grand Format Television

Screenings take place at the Halle aux Grains (66 rue St Jean)