Bagdad, chronique d’une ville emmurée

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Photo et copyright Laurent Van der Stockt
Baghdad is immured in fear, unease and violence. Among the cities of this world, the Iraqi capital has suffered the highest number of terrorist attacks.

Its 8 million inhabitants have lived through the bloody end of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, the American occupation, and the revival of a religious war between Sunnis and Shias with the emergence of ISIS. Now all players fight for control over a territory of which Baghdad is the epicente

The film is a chronicle of the city, of Baghdadis who fear for their lives at every outing, of their despair as well as their incredible spark of humanity. Through the course of encounters with inhabitants, with religious chiefs, politicians and militants, the filmmakers, who have been working in Baghdad for years, evoke this ancient capital today at the heart of a devastating and historic civil war.


Durée : 53 min
Crédit : ©Laurent van der Stockt