Le Bourbier

Free admissionScreening takes place at the Auditorium – 1, rue de la Bretagne

Le Bourbier

Investigation on the Daesh coalition

A film by Laurent Richard
Production: Premières Lignes in association with Canal+


Original 90 minutes documentary shot in Iraq, Europe and the United States that reveals the failures of the war against Daesh and how a coalition of 60 international countries lead by the United States has yet to defeat the jihadists group of 30.000 men.

Journalist Laurent Richard has gathered a great number of testimonies and goes behind the scenes of underground military operations lead by the CIA in Iraq and Syria.

Some of the witnesses affirm that the White House was backing their operations and have now been “abandoned” by American advisers. Some even decided to switch camps and are now fighting the Bachar Al Assad government with the Islamic State.
This investigation that lasted a year, reveals the hidden agendas of the allied coalition that has been caught up in this war since 2011.

Six years later, the number of people killed in Syria now amounts to more than 300.000. The government of Bachar that keeps on bombing and torturing its population, is said to be responsible for 80% of those deaths.

Crédit photo : DR
Duration 90 min